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/001 Embrace efficiency, enjoy simplicity. A financial solution for business and personal users. Stay tuned, we're launching soon.

Peanuds banking
We're nuts about making your finances a-peeling!
Expenses control
Easy and Effortless Debit Cards

Our features in a Nutshell!

/003 Discover the financial basics you need, plus the innovative tools you never knew you needed.

Key Features:
  • SEPA and Swift transactions for easy money transfers
  • Debit cards for convenient access to your funds
  • Currency conversion and multicurrency support for hassle-free transactions
Peanuds banking
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Additional Tools:
  • Manage your finances on the go with our intuitive mobile app
  • Organize your contacts easily with our unique contact management feature
  • Fine-tune your preferences with our card management tool
  • Get a full view of your finances with our analytics features
  • Utilize extensive payment functionalities for maximum efficiency

Safe and Sound


Peanuds is being developed in Germany, ensuring exceptional quality and a strong focus on security. Our team is committed to building a robust and reliable financial platform, backed by the trusted standards of German engineering.


Peanuds platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed specifically for the unique needs of digital businesses. From streamlining financial operations to optimizing cash flow management, Peanuds is here to simplify and enhance your financial journey.

For Corporates

For Individuals

  • For Corporates

  • For Individuals

We welcome Startups and Entrepreneurs, Fintech and Digital Asset companies, freelancers and agencies and all similar online businesses. Apart from that we also welcome anybody else who is looking at new solutions to improve their banking experience.

The Nuts and Bolts

/005 Our comprehensive financial solution combined with our dedicated hands-on customer support makes sure you can focus on yourself and gives you peace of mind to achieve your goals.

Support of multiple currencies

No more bank-switching headaches.

Effortless solution
Get a European IBAN Account and Debit Cards
Banking across the world
Use our solution all over Europe
Reliable Customer Service

Personalized & Attentive Care made to serve your specific needs

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